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Dynamic Marketing Solutions is an independent Australian Sales and Marketing company specialising in business-to-business, event-based and residential/community marketing. They recently approached hedspace for a new brand identity.

Dynamic came to us as a small business with big ambitions but a limited budget. The company needed to build their sales team and therefore needed its brand identity to support its recruitment strategy. They wanted to connect with the right crowd: switched-on, highly capable 18–30 year olds looking for career opportunities in marketing.

Our approach sought to make a virtue of company’s youth. We set out to differentiate Dynamic from larger, more established corporate brands, by investing the company with a brand strategy built around the charismatic personality of Dan, the owner and driving force of the business. We wanted the company’s outward face to reflect Dan’s character; to attract potential clients and applicants to a young, fun company with a fresh business model and great team spirit.

We designed a new visual identity - appropriating the letter ‘d’ as a brand motif – to create a sharp, distinctive look for all of the company’s materials (business cards, folders, inserts, etc.). Dan was thrilled with the results and anticipates great things for the future.