The Peel Institute is a London based charity that works closely with local communities to promote and provide facilities for education, recreation and the improvement of well being of vulnerable people in society. Their projects focus on aims such as promoting citizenship, community participation and employment prospects among children and young adults, tackling social isolation in older people and enhancing access to opportunities for deprived sections of the community. Our creative director Neil Wickenden had worked with several diverse charities over the years but he was particularly excited to work with Peel.

Our first project was to design their annual report, a document that is distributed to their board and to the general public. Neil sent one of our photographers Alex along to Peel to capture the true spirit and strong sense of community that pervades the charity’s London office. Alex spent two full days on site, listening to everyone’s story and watching employees and volunteers work so brilliantly together. He came to understand what Peel is all about so he could gather images that accurately reflected the unique work of the institute.

Neil selected the very best of these photographs and finalised the design and color schemes in collaboration with Peel CEO, Robert Hamilton. The hedspace team then pulled the report together, ahead of schedule. The report design is clean yet engaging. The crisp, elegant graphics do a fine job of illustrating the charity’s annual figures clearly; but more than this, the warm, personal style really highlights the dedication and commitment that keeps the charity running from year to year.

We had a very happy client indeed. Here’s what CEO, Robert Hamilton had to say: “I've always been wary of changing designers as so many seem to use off the shelf copy and paste designs with no originality. Hedspace took the time to understand our brief perfectly. They've produced an annual report that showcases the variety of our work and the sense of community that we were looking for. More importantly, it's a professional looking document but without the corporate price tag! I look forward more brand marketing with hedspace - they take the time and effort with a small client that you would only expect with a much bigger budget to spend”.