hedspace is a highly engaged designer space. (Geddit?)


We've created an environment in which the thinking designer can really flex their creative muscle. Where it’s fun to work. And where everyone is a prized member of the team.


We share that space with our clients to give them the very best service we can. 


Our team is our strength. We recognise talent when we see it, and we strive to nurture and feed that talent. We provide the support structure, the resources and enough independence so that our designers have what they need to give our clients what they need. In turn, our people reward us with dedication, inspiration and consistently superb results.


Great people mean everything to us. We’ve selected the most skilled, most creative and most committed people for our team. This means that we can handpick the very best people to work on our clients’ projects and be confident of excellent results.


If you’d like to work with us, we’d love to hear from you. We appreciate talented, creative people who thrive in a dynamic working environment. We’ll help you expand your horizons and develop your skills, exposure and portfolio.  Send us your CV and a link to your online portfolio.